Sunday 1 May 10am – CHOIR

6th Sunday of Easter (C) Year of Luke

Acts 15.1-2,22-29;Rev 21.10-14, 22-23; Jn 14.23-29 The Holy Spirit will remind you of all I have said to youBambergApocalypseFolio055rNew_Jerusalem 

  • Mass setting: Missa Dixit Maria (Hassler)
  • Motet: O Thou the Central Orb (Gibbons)
  • Communio: (Gregorian Jn 14.26): Spiritus Sanctus docebit vos, alleluia: quaecumque dixero vobis, alleluia. The Holy Spirit will teach you, alleluia; all the things that I have said to you, Alleluia.
  • Hymns: TIS 416 Great God your spirit JERUSALEM, TIS 408 Love divine, all loves excelling BLAENWERN
  • Organ Prelude: Élévation – Léon Boëllmann (1862-1897)
  • Organ Offertorium: “Just as I am” – Jack Goode (1921-2002)
  • Organ Voluntary: “O what their joy and their glory must be” – Derek Healey (b. 1936)

Organist: Bransby Byrne

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Sunday 24 April 10am – CHOIR

5th Sunday of Easter (C) Year of Luke

Acts 14.21-27; Rev 21.1-5; Jn 13.31-35 I give you a new commandment: Love one anotherChrist_the_True_Vine_icon 

  • Mass setting: Mass for Five Voices (W. Byrd)
  • Motet: Behold the tabernacle of God (Harris)
  • Communio: (Gregorian, Jn 15.5) Ego sum vitis vera et vos palmites, qui manet in me, et ego in eo, hic fert fructum, alleluia…I am the true vine and you are the branches; those who abide in me and I in them, they shall bear much fruit, alleluia…
  • Hymns: TIS 408 Love divine, all loves excelling BLAENWERN, TIS 520 Lord enthroned in heavenly splendour BRYN CALFARIA (611)
  • Organ Prelude: Trio in ‘c’ minor – Johann Krebs (1713-1780)
  • Organ Offertorium: Adagio – John Bennett (1735-1784)
  • Organ Voluntary: Fond d’orgue – Louis Marchand (1669-1732)

Organist: Bransby Byrne


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Sunday 17 April 10am – CHOIR

4th Sunday of Easter (C) Year of Luke


 Acts 13.14, 43-52, Rev 7.9, 14-17, Jn 10.27-30 The lamb will be their shepherd, and lead them to springs of living water

  • Mass setting: Missa Surrexit Pastor Bonus (Orlando di Lasso)
  • Motet: Flocks in Pastures green Abiding (J.S.Bach from Cantata No 208)
  • Communio: (Gregorian Jn 10.14) Ego sum pastor bonus, alleluia: et cognosco oves meas, et cognoscunt me meae… I am the Good shepherd says the Lord. I know my sheep and my own know me…
  • Hymns: Shepherd of souls NEUMARK; At the Lamb’s High Feast we sing SALZBURG
  • Organ Prelude: Andante Tranquillo – Percy Whitlock (1903-1946)
  • Organ Offertorium: Antienne du 1er mode – Vincent d’Indy (1851-1931)
  • Organ Voluntary: Pax Vobiscum – Garth Edmundson (1900-1971)

Organist: Bransby Byrne

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Sunday 10 April 10am – CANTOR

3rd Sunday of Easter (C) Year of LukeEaster_Altar_Cloth3

Acts 5.27-32;40-41; Rev 5.11-14; Jn 21.1-19 Jesus stepped forward, took the bread and gave it to them, and the same with the fish 

  • Mass setting: Mass Shalom
  • Hymns: Lord enthroned in heavenly Splendour BRYN CALFARIA, TIS 386 By your priestly power, TIS 535 I am the Bread of Life
  • Communio: (Gregorian, Jn 21.15, 17) Simon Ioannis, diligas me plus his? Domine, tu omnia nosti: tu scis, Domine, quia amo te alleluia.“Simon son of John, do you love me more than these? ” Lord, You know all things, You know O Lord that I love You, alleluia”
  • Organ Prelude: Blessed Jesu, at thy word, we are gathered BWV 731 – Johann Sebastian Bach (1685-1750)
  • Organ Offertorium: Jesu, name above all names – Johann Walther (1684-1748)
  • Organ Voluntary: Cornet Voluntary in ‘G’ – William Walond (1725-1770)

Organist: Bransby Byrne

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Sunday 3 April 10am – CHOIR

2nd Sunday of Easter (C) Year of Luke – “Quasimodo” Sunday

Acts 5.12-16; Rev.9-13,17-19; Jn 20.19-31 Eight days later, Jesus camedoubting_thomas1 

  • Mass setting: Missa Aeterna Christi Munera – The eternal gifts of Christ
  • Gospel Acclamation: triple Alleluia (plainsong)
  • Motet: I was glad (Parry)
  • Communio: (Gregorian Jn 20.27) Mitte manum tuam, et cognosce loca clavorum… et noli esse incredulus, sed fidelis alleluia... Stretch forth your hand and feel the place where the nails were, alleulia, and be not doubtful but believing alleluia
  • Hymns: Alleluia Sing to Jesus HYFRYDOL; This Joyful Eastertide
  • Organ Prelude: Choral Dorien – Jehan Alain (1911-1940)
  • Organ Offertorium: Aberystwyth ‘Jesu, lover of my soul’ – Charles Hylton Stewart (1884-1932)
  • Organ Voluntary: Toccata in ‘G’ – Theodore Dubois (1837-1924)

Organist: Bransby Byrne

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Sunday 27 March 10am – CHOIR

Mass of Easter DayResurrection_Icon

Acts 10.34,37-43; Col 3.1-4; Jn 20.1-9

  • Introit: (Gregorian) Resurrexi, et adhuc tecum sum, alleluia: posuisti super me manum tuam, alleluia, mirabilis facta est scientia tua, alleluia. I am risen, and I am always with you, alleluia; you have placed your hand upon me, alleuia; your wisdom has been shown to be most wonderful…
  • Mass setting: Mass in D (Dvořák)
  • Psalm: This is the day (Willcock)
  • Gospel Acclamation: triple plainsong
  • Motet: (during the baptismal renewal and lustration) Vidi Aquam – I saw water (Ross)
  • Motet: (during the dedication) Rise Heart thy Lord is Risen (R. Vaughan Williams)
  • Communio: (Gregorian) Pascha nostrum immolatus est Christus, alleluia: itaque epulemur in azymis sinceritatis et veritatis… Christ, our paschal Lamb has been sacrificed for us, alleuia; therefore , let us keep the feast by sharing the unleavened bread of uprightness and truth…
  • Hymns: Light’s reddening dawn bedecks the sky LASST UNS, By your kingly power O risen Lord, Lord enthroned in heavenly Splendour BRYN CALFARIA
  • Solemn dismissal with double Alleluia
  • Organ Prelude: Praeludium – Archangelo Corelli (1653-1713)
  • Organ Offertorium: Jesus Christ, our great Redeemer BWV 626 – Johann Sebastian Bach (1685-1750)
  • Organ Voluntary: Sarabande for the morning of Easter – Herbert Howells (1892-1983)

Organist: Bransby Byrne

Bass soloist: Craig Everingham

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Saturday 26 March 7pm – CHOIR

Solemn Easter Vigil

Gen 1 with psalm 103; Ex 14 with Ex 15; Is 55 with Is 12; Rom 6.3-11 with psalm 117; Lk 24: 1-12Dum_Transisset_Easter

The Service of Light

  • Solemn Exultet
  • Mass settings: Missa de Angelis (Gregorian), Mass Shalom (Smith)

The Liturgy of the Word

  • Readings and Psalms: Sicut cervus Like the deer that yearns for running streams (Palaestrina)
  • Gospel Acclamation: triple plainsong

The Liturgy of Baptism

  • Motet: Vidi Aquam – I saw water (Ross)

The Liturgy of the Eucharist

  • Motet (Communio): Greater Love (Ireland)
  • Hymns: Lord enthroned in heavenly Splendour BRYN CALFARIA, TIS 386 By your kingly pow’r O risen Lord RUGGIERO
  • Solemn dismissal with double Alleluia
  • Organ Voluntary: A Voluntary for Easter – Douglas Guest (1916-1996)

Organist: Bransby Byrne

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